Which airlines allow 30kg baggage?
Note: No free baggage will be applicable for infant.

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The "30k" generally means that you are allowed to check in up to 30 kilograms of luggage (sometimes it can be measured in pounds) on the flight, depending on the fare class and route. This weight limit applies to both checked baggage and any carry-on baggage you may bring with you.Baggage allowance is included on every domestic flight within Australia on Qantas and QantasLink. No single piece can exceed 32kg (70lb).

Which airline allows 35 kg baggageEmirates Airline Checked Baggage Allowance

Free baggage allowance on all Emirates Airline flights are based on the weight and dimensions of the baggage pieces along with the class of cabins and fare. If you are travelling in Economy Class cabins, you can carry 35 kg of checked baggage based on the fare you pay.

Can I check-in 30kg baggage

The maximum weight and dimensions of any single piece of checked baggage should not be over 32kg (70lb) and 203cm / 80in (Length + Width + Height) respectively. Baggage over the limits must be repacked or split into lighter units; otherwise will not be accepted for carriage.30kg allowance per person, basis the sector. Additional excess baggage charges may apply.

Can you have 30kg luggage

Maximum weight

No single bag or item can weigh more than 32 kg . If you have a checked-baggage allowance of 35 kg or 40 kg your baggage must be split over at least two bags, with no bag weighing more than 32 kg . If any single bag or item weighs more than 32 kg it must be carried as freight.

No, you cannot use two bags with the weight allowed for one and not pay a penalty. Airlines have weight and size restrictions for checked baggage. The weight restriction is the maximum weight that a single bag can weigh. The size restriction is the maximum dimensions that a single bag can have.

Can we carry 30 kg in one bag for 2 person

No, a couple cannot carry 30 kg of single baggage luggage if they are individually allowed 15 kg of luggage in domestic air travel.Generally, the checked-in luggage weight limit for international flights varies from airline to airline and may range between 20-23kg. If you exceed the luggage weight limit per your boarding flight rules, you may be asked to reduce your luggage or pay extra for every kg.The maximum weight permissible for a single piece of baggage is 32 kg/71 lb. This rule applies to the entire Air India network. For tickets issued effective 01 April 2019, free baggage allowance in economy class between India and Newark (EWR) is one piece of up to 23 kg/51 lb.

30kg allowance per person, basis the sector. Additional excess baggage charges may apply. Only one bag weighing not more than 8 kgs.

Is 30 kg allowed in flightFor domestic flights:

> Hand Baggage: One hand bag up to 8 kg is allowed per customer for economy class. On the other hand, hand baggage allowance for first and business class is 12 kg per passenger. > Check-in Baggage: For first class it is 40 kg, for business class it is 35 kg and for economy class it is 25 kg.