My Pillow UK: Don’t Wake Up With a Headache

MyPillow is a company that manufactures and distributes pillows worldwide, with their line of products available in select stores and online. In January of 2016, the company was involved in a controversial advertising campaign that had many people questioning whether or not their product worked.

In this MyPillow review, we will be going over everything you need to know about these fantastic products by answering all of your most pressing questions as well as exposing their strengths and weaknesses so that you can make the best possible decision for yourself with as much information as possible.

Who are MyPillow Founders Mike Lindell and Leanne Roberts?

Mike Lindell

My Pillow was founded by Mike Lindell, who had no prior experience creating pillows or other bedding products before his success with MyPillow; so many people have wondered how he knew how to make an entire line of pillows.

The truth is, MyPillow guy Lindell didn’t have any previous experience in creating products before he made MyPillow, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a great businessman. He was always an entrepreneur at heart, and his experiences growing up as a foster child helped him shape his vision for the business.

In this way, Mike Lindell inspired the company’s name because he wanted to give people something they could call THEIR PILLOW. After all, each one is unique based on their needs and preferences.

Leanne Roberts

Mypillow Founder Leanne Roberts has a similar background as founder Mike Lindell. She started her company with no prior knowledge of the bedding industry but was a successful businesswoman who had a knack for spotting opportunities for success.

Both Lindell and Roberts are happy to have a business partner in each other because they were both looking for partners who could bring their unique skill set into the company.

What is their mission?

My Pillow’s mission is to provide a high-quality product at an affordable price so they can help more people around the world sleep better throughout the night. They also want their products to be available in every store, so everyone has access to them.

How long has this company been around?

This company has been operating since May 2009, but it first started as an online business. In 2012 Mike Lindell was able to afford to construct a manufacturing plant and showroom. He started opening up retail stores nationwide throughout the USA, including Puerto Rico and USVirgin Islands.

What do they specialize in?

Their main products are pillows and sleep accessories like bedding, mattresses, and other types of home furnishing.

How big is the company currently?

The current number of employees at MyPillow USA is around 100people, and the headquarters is located in Chaska, Minnesota. They also have a manufacturing plant that produces thousands of pillows each day and factories that provide them with fabric, zippers, and other materials needed to manufacture their products.

As for what you need to know about their financial status, Mike has said that “My Pillow has been profitable for over ten consecutive years, so we’re charging ahead” (Latimer, 2017).

Key Features of MyPillow

  1. MyPillow is a good pillow made up of polypropylene (PP) to help retain its shape even after months and years of usage. PP fiber is known for its durability, though it is not as comfortable as other fibers like cotton or down.
  2. MyPillow uses an interlocking fill to keep the filling in place through regular use without clumping or flattening.
  3. MyPillow comes with a 5-year warranty, which covers replacement or full refund if unsatisfied.
  4. It is filled with polyester (cotton/poly blend) and can be washed in your home’s washing machine, though it should not be dried in the drier.
  5. The company also offers pillows of patented Interlocking Fill™ to adjust to body contours for better pillow support and comfort throughout the night.
  6. This model claims it will return to its original shape even after months of use due to its interlocking fill design; no clumping or flattening.

MyPillow also makes mattress pads, bolsters, pet beds, among other things that are all part of their “Better Sleep” collection.

Where are MyPillow pillows made?

My Pillow started to use the factory in Coventry, UK, to manufacture pillows for their company to produce high-quality products at a much more affordable price.

People who buy MyPillow will receive one of two different types of pillows. The original comfortable pillow has MyPillow’s patented interlocking fill, and there is a version with a poly-foam insert. You will also have a choice between two different sizes: standard or queen size.

Advantages and Disadvantages of MyPillow


  • Will retain its shape Regardless of how many times it has been washed
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty (though it does not cover normal wear and tear
  • Has the ability to be cleaned on your home’s washer
  • Does not clump or flatten over time


  • Cost more than other pillows made up of down, cotton, etc. (but that will vary depending on the retailer)
  • Not as comfortable as other pillows available on the market (this is due to its PP fill which is known for its durability)
  • It cannot be dried in the drier

How much does it cost?

MyPillow is currently available in the UK through or on the official website. Prices range from £39 on average, depending on the size of pillow you choose to buy and if you purchase directly from Amazon or a third-party seller.

Special offers and discounts

MyPillow has a lot of special offers and discount codes that they release on their websites. What you can do is simply visit the dedicated page for MyPillow UK Special Offers and Discounts to find the latest deals available. Currently, there is an excellent offer “Two MyPillow Premium Pillows Just £119.90 (£59.95 with MyPillow promo code)”.

Types of pillows

1. Orthopaedic pillows

Chiropractors and physiotherapists often recommend orthopaedic pillows for people with back pain, the elderly, or pregnant mothers. The fillings vary depending on the manufacturer, but most use synthetic fibers ( PP) or natural down/feathers.

2. Memory foam

Memory foam is also another filling used in UK pillows – known for its ability to reduce pressure points and improve circulation while you sleep. Memory foam pillows also help prevent snoring and relieve head and neck pain common in side sleepers.

3. Latex pillows

Latex pillows provide a balance of comfort, support, and ventilation; they can adapt to any sleep position by molding themselves to your body shape. They’re hypoallergenic. Naturally, dust mite resistant, temperature-neutral, and are soft but springy, making them great for back/stomach sleepers – who need some extra support.

4. Feather and down

Feather and down pillows are formed when an undercoat is filled with either natural or synthetic down clusters or feathers that have been cleaned using low allergy cleaning processes. This filling creates a luxurious feel while being soft, durable, and easy to shape.

5. Buckwheat

Buckwheat pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls that provide a significant amount of support and ventilation. They’re durable, cool, breathable, and adjustable – allowing you to customize the firmness depending on your sleeping style. The Buckwheat hulls make a very rustling sound when you move the pillow while sleeping, which can be annoying to some people

Main Ingredients Used to Make MyPillow

The fill inside a pillow is usually made from one of 5 types of filling:

1) Polyester fiber

Polyester fiber is used in MyPillow Pillows because it creates a lightweight but supportive feel that doesn’t flatten over time like traditional poly-fiber pillows. It’s also hypoallergenic, naturally fire-resistant, and can wick away moisture.

2) Viscose Rayon

Viscose Rayon is derived from wood pulp and makes up around 30% of MyPillow’s fill and claims to give the pillow its shape and added support while you sleep. The fibers also help regulate temperature, resist mold and fungus growth while being hypoallergenic.

3) Polypropylene fiber

Polypropylene fiber is used in MyPillow because it resists dust mites, mold spores, and mildew while still being soft but durable. It’s not as plush as other models but adds a firmness that allows for proper head and neck alignment when sleeping on your side or back

4) Small Durable Foam Pieces

Small Durable Foam Pieces give unmatched support and added comfort to your pillow. It’s soft but very durable; creating a balanced feel that helps keep the fill inside the pillow from shifting around and clumping up

5) Latex foam

Latex foam is usually used as an additional layer of filling or can be mixed with other types of fiber to create a unique feel.

How Does MyPillow Compare to Other Pillows?

There are now dozens of companies selling similar pillows using these same ingredients, so they all seem similar at first glance. Still, they all have different price points, fillings, and available sizes – meaning there is no right or wrong choice when picking one out – it just depends on what you’re looking for.

MyPillow vs. Premium Brands:

The most comfortable pillow brand right now is the MyPillow, and it’s easy to see why – they offer a variety of different fillings and sizes, support multiple sleeping positions and come with an affordable price tag. However, their cheaper pillows often get mixed reviews from customers because some claim that they lose shape or become lumpy over time.

MyPillow vs. Latex Pillows:

Latex pillows are popular but also expensive! The average latex pillow will run you around 50 pounds, which is less than an average memory foam pillow but more than twice as much as MyPillow.

They’re also durable, provide excellent support for side/stomach sleepers, are hypoallergenic, naturally dust mite resistant, anti-bacterial, and resistant to mold, mildew, and fungus. They also have a unique feel that’s a cross between a firm pillow and a soft feather pillow, making them great for back/stomach sleepers with lower neck pain.

MyPillow vs. Buckwheat Pillows:

Buckwheat pillows are made with buckwheat hulls that can be found in many different sizes and shapes, with most coming as two smaller pillows that fit into one another – making it easy to move around.

The downside of this is they require fluffing every day because the hulls clump up over time, reducing their height. You can usually re-fluff your buckwheat pillow by removing the outer case, adding water to a few handfuls of hulls, and letting them soak for at least 30 minutes before shaking out the excess water – allowing to dry overnight.

They also offer great support, are naturally anti-bacterial, dust mite resistant, mold/mildew resistant, and come with a unique feel between firmness and plush that puts it in a category all its own.

MyPillow vs. Memory Foam Pillows:

Memory foam pillows have recently gained popularity due to their soft but supportive feel, which makes these two popular choices when shopping for a pillow.

One of the biggest differences you’ll find is memory foam tends to be pricier while being heavier than MyPillow so they’re not always ideal for traveling or people looking for something lightweight. Memory foam is also temperature sensitive meaning it can get warm during the night, which isn’t great for the summer months.

How does it work?

MyPillow is a completely customizable pillow, the company suggests that the user simply add/remove fill to get the level of comfort they want. The unique interlocking fill allows you to remove or add filling so you can have your perfect blend of softness and support.

MyPillow is for anyone looking to replace an existing pillow or find one new. This company offers various different sizes and fillings so they can customize it to your exact liking.

Who is MyPillow for?

Can you sleep on the pillow if you are pregnant?

If you are suspecting that you might be pregnant or if someone in your family is trying to conceive, it is best to avoid using MyPillow especially because the company has not put any information regarding this product’s safety during pregnancy.

Not only can polyester cause irritation for both mother and baby, but it also absorbs all moisture which means germs could grow inside the pillow without proper care. It is recommended that you check with your doctor before using MyPillow just to be safe.

Can children use MyPillow?

Although many parents have let their kids use MyPillows because of its hypoallergenic qualities, we don’t recommend that you let young children use MyPillow as it might be too big for their small mouths.

Plus, some users have reported that the pillow smells bad and may cause some discomfort. However, there are other products on the market specifically designed for kids, so if your child is experiencing sleep problems we highly recommend those instead!

Is MyPillow Hypoallergenic?

The obvious answer is Yes but there’s more to it than that. The company claims that their fillings are temperature sensitive which means they actually allow air to pass through them so they are known to be cooler during the night which helps contribute to having a healthier sleeping environment.

The materials used are also anti-bacterial, dust mite resistant, water/mold/mildew resistant, and naturally hypoallergenic!

What Users Say About MyPillow

The majority of the top users on Amazon and Walmart report that they love this product. They state that it’s comfortable, supportive, and easy to clean. Many people also like the fact that it comes with a 5-year warranty in case something goes wrong.

People who do not like MyPillow mention that it feels lumpy and uncomfortable when used for more than 2 months while others complained about losing filling after several washes while still keeping the pillow shape intact.

Some consumers have also reported receiving pillows made from recycled materials which seemed a little odd considering a new customer would not expect an old pillow to be sent by mistake unless it had been previously owned or reconditioned. However, MyPillow states their products are made with high-quality components.

How Firm does MyPillow need to be?

MyPillow can be adjusted to various levels of firmness. It’s recommended that the fit should not be too loose or too tight, but should fit like a glove; not lopsided. It is specifically designed to adapt to the user’s body making it comfortable throughout the night.

Levels of firmness:

  • Extra Soft (for stomach sleepers) – this may be too soft for those who require more support.
  • Soft (for back and side sleepers) – this is recommended especially for those who don’t like the feeling of sinking into a pillow.
  • Standard (firmer than most pillows, best for back and side sleepers) -this level of firmness provides good support but allows breathing so you won’t wake up with a stuffy nose.

Where can I buy MyPillow?

MyPillow can be found at major retail locations such as Target and Walmart, online at Amazon, eBay, and, or through their official website where you will find a list of retailers near your home or office where they sell pillows.

Buy from Online Stores vs Retailers

Since MyPillow offers a 60-day trial period and a 10-year warranty, it’s better to buy your pillow from an authorized retailer like Amazon since their return policies can sometimes be stricter than what MyPillow offers. And as one of the top online stores in America, Amazon has very reliable customer service so if you have questions about your purchase, they will be able to answer them for you.

Choosing the pillow according to sleeping position

Back sleeper

This position is the best for back sleepers since it allows their neck to align with their spine in a proper way. People who are experts in chiropractic suggest that the pillow should be soft enough so that you’re not feeling any pressure at all on your spine.

The optimum height of the pillow would be 4-5 inches, if it’s too low then there will be an excessive curve at your neck which can cause pain and discomfort. You should choose MyPillow according to if you like sleeping on your stomach or sleeping on your side as well as what level of firmness you want for your pillow.

Side sleeper

This position needs a more compact and dense pillow that’s good for supporting the head and neck while the body is in a horizontal position. You can easily change positions throughout the night so you don’t need to feel pressure on your shoulder.

Stomach sleeper

This doesn’t require too much support because you are laying horizontally so it’s best for people who prefer MyPillow’s soft levels.

Front Sleepers

This is a good position for people who prefer a thick pillow which can give them spine alignment and neck support.


Each MyPillow is color-coded to show the level of firmness.

Codes are as follow:

  • Black = Extra Soft
  • Blue = Standard
  • Green = Firm
  • Red = My Pillow Pets (extra soft)
  • Gray = Plush (a little bit firmer than extra soft)

There are many different types of materials used in MyPillows such as latex, micro-denier gel clusters, and memory foam. All three provide good support for the neck and back while you sleep.

The difference between them is that memory foam retains heat and latex doesn’t absorb moisture; these two features aren’t necessarily a bad thing but people sometimes complain about sweaty pillows and neck pain related to sleeping position. So this is why the company made a foam that’s latex-like but doesn’t absorb moisture rather it wicks it away from your body.

Ultra-premium shredded memory foam

Ultra-premium shredded memory foam is used to make MyPillow. The advantage of using this type of material is that you can mold and shape it in any way since it’s pliable. It also conforms instantly, so when you’re lying flat on your back or side, these pillows will follow your head and neck without sinking too much into the pillow.

The micro denier gel clusters

The micro denier gel clusters are known for their ability to regulate body temperature to stay cool while you sleep; if you don’t like sleeping on pillows with heat retention then this feature could be ideal for you since it won’t retain too much heat.

What is the Best Type of Pillow for You?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best pillow for you such as comfort, support, and materials. Although one pillow may be the right choice for your friend it might not necessarily be so for you.

  • The user’s height and weight can influence the level of firmness they prefer along with where they sleep and how much support their body needs.
  • You should keep in mind that because MyPillow is customizable to your preference in terms of softness/firmness there are many ways to configure this pillow for your perfect fit.
  • It’s also good to remember that if you sleep on your back or side, there are so many different pillows for these positions.
  • The most important thing is to choose the one that makes you feel most comfortable and relaxed after a long night of sleep.

MyPillow Sizes

There are five different sizes for MyPillow.

  • Standard size (20 in. x 26 in.)
  • King (20 in. x 36 in.)
  • Queen (20 in. x 30 in.)
  • Full (20 in. x 54 in.)
  • Twin (20in. x 28in.).

Depending on the comfort level you choose; prices range from £35 to £139 which isn’t that expensive considering the quality of your sleep can affect how productive you are during the day.


Each pillow is unique in terms of softness and support. However, they are all made to offer the best rest you can get while at the same time supporting your neck and back.

Extra soft MyPillow

a) The extra soft MyPillow has two inserts inside for comfort along with a 100% cotton pillow cover that’s machine-washable for easy cleaning.

b) It might not be ideal if you need firm or standard levels of support but it’s good for side sleepers because its ultra plushness mold to your head without sinking too much into the pillow itself which means it won’t push your head forward causing strain on your upper body.

c) I recommend this one specifically to people who prefer sleeping on their sides because the fluffiness will adjust accordingly to fit your head/neck and shoulders at the same time.

Standard level

a) The standard level of MyPillow is firmer than extra soft but still plush enough to adjust to any sleeping position without sinking too much into the pillow itself or putting strain on your neck and back.

b) This particular product is good for people who sleep on their backs because it will conform according to your head/neck and shoulders, also perfect if you like sleeping on a flat surface.

Firm version

a) The firm version of this pillow is the one needed when the body needs support in order to be completely comfortable while a person sleeps; unlike most pillows which flatten out as soon as the head lays upon them, MyPillow keeps its shape which means it won’t push the upper body forward or let head lean in an awkward position.

b) This one is good for back sleepers, but it’s also the best option if you like sleeping on your stomach because of its consistency and how well it fits your body.


a) The medium-level ones are perfect pillows if what you’re looking for is a mixture between softness and firmness; this version offers enough support to keep your neck/back aligned while at the same time providing a softness that adjusts according to your head without sinking too much into the pillow itself.

That means when you lay flat on your back there won’t be any strain whatsoever since it will stay consistent with your body without letting anything fall below its hips which can cause pain or discomfort.

b) It’s great for people who sleep on their backs and stomachs.

The firmest version is a perfect pillow for people who prefer sleeping on their back since it properly aligns your neck/back without sinking too much into the pillow itself or letting anything fall below your hips which can cause pain/discomfort when you’re lying flat. I don’t recommend using this one if you sleep on your side because it might be a bit uncomfortable depending on how well you adjust to it.


The fill levels of MyPillow are divided into three different types: solid, micro, and a mixture of the two.


  • Solid is 100% shredded memory foam which can be found in all four variations of this product; firm, extra soft, standard, and medium fill.
  • The benefit of having a solid version inside your pillow is that it will offer strong support to your neck/back so you won’t have to worry about getting the right position when you lay flat on your back because it will keep everything consistent with how you sleep.
  • However, if you’re a side sleeper I don’t recommend going for a completely solid version unless you want your head to feel kind of pushed down towards the mattress or somewhere lower than where it’s supposed to be while sleeping.
  • Although if you like sleeping on your stomach, a solid pillow is an excellent choice because there won’t be any pressure whatsoever.


  • Microbead pillows as the name suggests are made with small beads that create a firm backing to keep your neck/back aligned without adding too much softness; this version works well for all types of sleepers and it will stay consistent regardless of how you position yourself since there’s no extra fluffiness added.
  • The only downside about having only micro beads inside your MyPillow is that it can feel kind of hard at first until all air escapes and the material starts to mold itself around your head which means people who prefer sleeping on their side might find it uncomfortable at first until they get used to the hardness.
  • The best part about this type of fill is that it makes the pillow more durable since there’s less stuffing inside and as such, if you’ve got a microbead version it would be way harder to break through the outer shell which means you’ll use it for longer.

A mixture of solid and microbeads

  • The last option within MyPillow’s available fill levels is a mixture of solid and microbeads; this one is great for people who like sleeping on their back and/or side since it offers enough support while at the same time including softness that will adjust according to your head/neck without sinking too much into the pillow itself.
  • If you’re someone who prefers sleeping on his stomach, however, I wouldn’t recommend this particular choice because even though there are some beads added to help your neck/back stay in place, there’s still not enough support to keep it straight compared to the solid option.

Fill Levels Marks


The Yellow Claw Mark is a symbol that MyPillow uses to let their customers know that the materials inside their pillow are CertiPur certified which means they’re not made from ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.

It’s a sign of quality for your pillow which means you can sleep comfortably knowing that it was created with high-grade materials while at the same time being eco friendly


The White Claw Mark is another sign that MyPillow uses to let their customers know that the materials inside their pillow are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified which means they don’t include harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

It’s also a sign of quality for your pillow and it guarantees customer satisfaction since you can rest assured you’re getting a product that’s not only free from toxins but will keep you comfortable not one night.


The Green Claw Mark is another sign that MyPillow uses to let their customers know that the materials inside their pillow are CertiPur-US certified which means they’re not made from ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, or other heavy metals.

It’s a sign of quality for your pillow which means you can sleep comfortably knowing that it was created with high-grade materials while at the same time being eco friendly


The Blue Claw Mark is another sign that MyPillow uses to let their customers know that the materials inside their pillow are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified which means they don’t include harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

It’s also a sign of quality for your pillow and it guarantees customer satisfaction since you can rest assured you’re getting a product that’s not only free from toxins but will keep you comfortable throughout the night


The Under-the-arm and Between-the-Legs Mark is another sign that MyPillow uses to let their customers know that the materials inside their pillow are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified which means they don’t include harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

It’s also a sign of quality for your pillow and it guarantees customer satisfaction since you can rest assured you’re getting a product that’s not only free from toxins but will keep you comfortable throughout the night.


The Organic Under Arm Mark is another sign that MyPillow uses to let their customers know that the materials inside their pillow are CertiPur certified which means they’re not made from ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.

It’s a sign of quality for your pillow which means you can sleep comfortably knowing that it was created with high-grade materials while at the same time being eco friendly


The difference between this type of MyPillow and 2 Pack My Pillows is that there are different types of materials used to make them.

  • The 2 Pack My Pillows are mostly made out of memory foam, which is great for pain relief in your neck or back when you sleep on your side but it also retains heat which isn’t good if your head feels hot when you rest. Plus some people can’t stand sleeping on pillows with heat retention because the feeling is like sleeping with a heating pad over your head and face which could lead to facial skin damage due to too close skin contact. With memory foam, it might take 10 minutes or so before you start seeing any signs of body temperature increasing since this material absorbs rather than wicks away moisture; this means that the rate of water absorption is much slower than the wicking properties found in towels or other bedding material.
  • MyPillow doesn’t use memory foam because of the negative aspects of this type of material; instead, it uses shredded pieces of memory foam to ensure that there’s no heat retention, this also makes it more breathable since the little pieces of foam are like tiny air pockets. This means that you’ll never experience overheating while you sleep or waking up with a sweaty face or neck which is guaranteed by the company’s satisfaction guarantee.
  • The 2 Pack My Pillows come in many different sizes; some are standard sized and others are contour pillows for people who prefer firm support on their head rather than softness (a pillow that conforms to your body like shredded memory foam). The standard size can be used by stomach and back sleepers but they might feel that it’s not as comfortable as MyPillow since this type of pillow is firmer than memory foam so the only people who would choose 2 Pack pillows over MyPillow are side sleepers since memory foam can be too firm for people who don’t like firmness against their neck.

Purple Pillow vs. MyPillow?

The difference between these two pillows is that the Purple Pillow uses a different type of technology in its memory foam and this has led to many people finding it uncomfortable since it’s more like sleeping on a flat surface rather than a pillow (although some people love it and say it feels just right).

  • It doesn’t have shredded material at all, instead, it’s filled with their patented gel-like material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer which lets your head sink into the pillow when you rest on your side plus there’s no heat retention so you don’t have to worry about waking up sweaty. However, you can only use this type of pillow if you sleep on your side so stomach and back sleepers might not be satisfied with the results.
  • MyPillow is still ranked as one of the bestsellers in bed pillows and it works for all types of sleepers because you can use it on your side, back, or even stomach without having to worry about heat retention or pain when you wake up.
  • It’s made with shredded foam so there’s no sleeping flat since there are little pockets that’ll help keep your head comfortable while you rest plus the cover is stretchable so it fits around any pillow size.
  • Lastly, MyPillow comes at a good price compared to other brands; this helps make sure that more people can enjoy its quality benefits instead of paying an arm and leg for something like this (it makes them better pillows than Purple).

Casper Pillow

The Casper Pillow is a new player in the bedding industry and its tagline, “the world’s only scientifically-tested pillow,” might sway some people into choosing it instead of MyPillow. However, there are a few differences that set these two pillows apart from each other.

  • Casper uses memory foam in their shredded material which can retain heat so you have to choose between being overheated or waking up with a sweaty neck or face when you sleep on your side.
  • Plus The Casper Pillow doesn’t come with a cooling gel layer so this could be another downside if hotheads annoy you when you rest at night.
  • To solve this problem, Casper’s manufacturers added a breathable cover that is stretchable so it fits any size pillow.
  • Also, Casper Pillow doesn’t come with a trial period of satisfaction guarantee as MyPillow does; instead, they’ll make you wait for 100 days before you can get your money back if you don’t rest well.
  • Plus their pillows are pricier than MyPillow’s which could be off-putting for some people who don’t want to spend that much on a pillow.

Sleepgram vs. MyPillow

Both Sleepgram and MyPillow offer trial periods of satisfaction guarantee (90 days for Sleepgram) but other than that, Sleepgram doesn’t come with the same benefits as MyPillow since their shredded material doesn’t provide any support to your head or neck. Instead, you’ll feel like you sleeping on a mattress which can be uncomfortable if you sleep on your side.

Lastly, their pillows are more expensive than MyPillow because they use 100% cotton fabric plus there’s no cooling gel layer added to keep you cool at night so unless these two features are important to you then go for something else that will work better than Sleepgram.

TravelSize MyPillow

MyPillow’s Travel Size Pillow is one of their bestselling products since it’s not only cheaper than the regular-sized pillow but it fits perfectly on your bed when you want to save on space.

Plus, there are still the same benefits that come with MyPillow including its cooling gel layer, allergy-friendly material, and hypoallergenic filling which keeps you comfortable when you rest.

The only downside to this product is that it doesn’t come with a trial period of satisfaction guarantee plus the material isn’t as breathable as other pillows so there’s a chance that it could get hot around your head or neck if you sleep on your side.

Plus, if you actually want to use the Travel Size Pillow then make sure that it’s in a tight roll before using since its fill material can be lumpy if it isn’t properly shaped.

Dog Beds

As for MyPillow’s Dog Bedding, we think it’s a great idea since you can get matching items for your pet and yourself that both of you can enjoy (I recommend the large size if you want to sleep with your dog).

Plus, this product comes with all the same benefits as My Pillow including its allergy-friendly material and cooling gel layer; however, there are some cons like the heavyweight and difficult wash instructions.

Right solution

To solve this problem, make sure to take off the pillow cases before washing and submerge them in cold water because hot water can ruin their fill material. Also, avoid using fabric softener because it’ll repel the filling; instead use detergent which will make your pillows softer and easier to maintain.

Finally, it’s important for you to do your own research of the right pillow that’ll suit your sleeping style and rest preferences; this way you can avoid any problems when you’re resting and feel more comfortable when you sleep your all good nights. Sleep with comfort and support with MyPillow!

So if you’re thinking about purchasing MyPillow then check out the list of other pillows better than MyPillow so you can compare its benefits and disadvantages before making a decision on which pillow is best for you to avoid buying a poor quality product.

MyPillow Delivery, Warranty, and Return Policy


MyPillow always ships the same day they receive your order and this means that you can rest assured knowing that you’ll get a fresh pillow in no time. In the UK, MyPillow ships within 1 to 20 days depending on the location so expect your pillow to arrive earlier than this if you’re living in the UK.


MyPillow’s warranty is for 10 years so if anything bad happens to your pillow, you can always send it back to get a replacement so there’s no reason not to try out this brand since their quality products are hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

Does MyPillow offer a Trial Period?

Yes, MyPillow offers a 60-day trial period. You can return or exchange your pillow within few weeks for any reason and you will be reimbursed the full price.

The company also states that if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase simply contact them and they will waive the restocking fee, but only if you return it undamaged in its original packaging within 30 days of your receiving it.

Return Policy

MyPillow ships for free so if you don’t like your pillow in the first 90 days of using it, just ship it back and they’ll give you a refund.

They also have a satisfaction guarantee where you can return your product within 60 days to get a full refund plus there’s no limit on how many times you can use this offer so feel free to buy as many pillows as you’d like whenever your budget allows. You should return your pillow in the same box as delivered.

Customer service

MyPillow’s customer service is very reliable since they offer 24/7 support through email, phone, and live chat; this means that you can contact them anytime you want with any concern about your purchase. Plus they also have an FAQ section on their website where you can find answers to the most common questions like how long it takes for MyPillow to ship or what time do they accept orders etc.


MyPillow can be hand washed or machine washed in warm water. Just don’t use bleach with it and after drying, fluff your pillow to give it its shape back before using it again.


To clean the outside of your MyPillow you just have to spot clean it with a mild soap or detergent solution then rinse with warm water. Repeat this process until you get rid of the stain then let the cover air dry.

To remove stains on the inside, you can run cold water through your pillow so that help loosen up any dirt, oil, grease, paint, etc. that is trapped inside then let it air dry overnight to completely remove them from the surface. You can also put your MyPillow through the washing machine but always use a mild soap or detergent solution and let it air dry.

Compared to other pillows, MyPillow is relatively easy to clean so you can enjoy using them for years without worrying about stains or odors. They’re also hypoallergenic which means that they’re less likely to cause allergies if you have sensitive skin.

How often should I wash my MyPillow?

This will depend on how dirty your pillow gets but a good rule of thumb is to wash it at least once every two months or whenever it starts to smell bad. You can also purchase a set of extra covers from the official website in case one cover gets dirty before they’re ready to be washed.

Can you wash the pillow case without washing the actual pillow?

Yes, you can do this to keep your MyPillow cleaner for longer. Simply remove the insert or even take it out if it’s not too dirty, then throw both the case and cover in the washer.

Make sure to use cold water on a low spin cycle, but make sure your machine doesn’t have an agitator because foam chunks may come loose from inside the stuffing. Once the cases are done drying, put the insert back in and you’re ready to go! ( (You can toss your MyPillow in the dryer but make sure it is on low heat. If it has an agitator, remove it.))

How do I care for MyPillow?

There are several ways to keep your MyPillow looking new and feeling its best.

Here are some tips on caring for your pillow:

  1. Shake off excess dirt and fluff it up with your hands regularly to keep it fluffy.
  2. Fold your pillow in half to let it air out before using it again, or place it outdoors in the sun for a little while. Doing this allows any smells to dissipate so that you can keep your pillow smelling fresh!
  3. Do not use bleach or fabric softener when washing your pillow because this will cause damage to its filling. Although it is machine washable, you should wash your pillow with warm water and a mild detergent only.
  4. Try an air dryer or tumble dryer on low heat because high temperatures can damage the MyPillow’s stuffing. If you’re using a dryer, try using a tennis ball instead of a drying sheet to help fluff the pillow up.
  5. If you live in a humid area, place your MyPillow on top of the plastic to help it dry faster. It is important that your pillow dries completely before using it again because moisture can promote mold growth and decrease its lifespan.

How long should it take for MyPillow to expand after purchasing and opening the bag?

It should take anywhere from 2 to 3 days for MyPillow to expand, depending on the amount of filling already in the bag when you opened it. Make sure not to overstuff your pillow in order to avoid creating a lumpy sewer line through your pillow. The more you put in, the bigger your MyPillow will become!

Do I need to fluff my pillows every day?

Yes! Fluffing MyPillow will help it last a lot longer. After a while, the stitches in your pillow will start to break down and that means you need to fluff your pillow in order for it to be as comfortable as when you first took it out of the bag.

How long can MyPillow hold its shape?

MyPillow has been designed to retain its shape after years of use. This is one of the main reasons so many people have been using this product for decades! Although, every once in a while, you should re-fluff your pillow just to keep it looking fresh and clean.

Does MyPillow have a smell?

MyPillow has a light, fresh scent that will dissipate after about 48 hours. You can also leave your pillow in the sun or near a fan to help speed up the process! However, if you are allergic to scents it is recommended you purchase an unscented pillow instead.

What pillows are the worst?

According to MyPillow, pillows without a blend of memory foam and fiberfill are the worst pillows you can buy. This is because they will flatten out after only a few nights and won’t provide any support for your neck-which makes them the absolute worst choice of the pillow!

MyPillow Mattresses

MyPillow also offers memory foam and latex mattresses that offer all the benefits of MyPillow like:

  • lower back pain relief
  • contouring to your body’s shape and providing the right amount of support
  • pressure point relief
  • less tossing and turning throughout the night so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep every single night without waking up at odd hours because you’re uncomfortable or having problems breathing due to lack of support.

Not only do MyPillow mattresses provide better comfort but they also resist bed bugs which means that if you have an infestation then simply buying a new mattress will solve this problem for you since it won’t allow them to enter your home or bite you when you sleep.

The company also offers a very affordable and beneficial warranty where they will:

  1. Replace or repair your mattress for as long as you own it if anything happens to the foam, stitching seams, zippers, etc.
  2. Replace your mattress with one of equal value in case you don’t like it.
  3. Refund your money back in full plus shipping costs too if you’re not satisfied following their 100-day trial period.

Types of Mattresses

1. Inflatable MyPillow Mattress.

The MyPillow inflatable mattress is a great choice for people who love to travel and go camping because of its portability. It is similar to a memory foam pillow in the sense that it adjusts to your body’s level of comfort, but instead of having a stuffing on both sides, it has two separate chambers on each side which you can fill with either air or water depending on your preference.

Once you have filled the chambers with whatever medium you chose, you can simply roll up the mattress and carry it around easily wherever you go.

2. Classic Innerspring Mattress.

This mattress is comprised of inner springs covered in plush padding so while being very supportive, they also contour to your body shape. They also come with a zip-off outer cover that is completely machine washable which gives users the flexibility of simply removing and washing it whenever they want to instead of having to deal with taking their entire bed apart and putting it back together again.

Because the springs move independently from each other, this mattress provides exceptional bounce and contouring which means you can adjust your position according to your personal preference without worrying about disturbing your partner.

3. Latex Mattress.

This mattress has bands of latex rubber throughout its structure so if you absolutely love how bouncy yet firm memory foam feels then this would be a great choice for you because it offers both properties but with an even more supportive twist as well as great breathability too.

These bands help contour your body shape and evenly distribute weight so that you don’t feel uncomfortable or your head sinks too much. The latex itself is breathable and helps regulate the temperature throughout the night, keeping users cool and dry all night long.

4. Memory Foam Mattress.

This is a memory foam mattress with firm support which means it will provide maximum back and neck support without sinking in too deeply or leaving you feeling like you’re stuck when trying to move around. It’s also pillow-top style with extra-plush padding which provides additional comfort for side sleepers especially.


Mattress Topper

Remember that MyPillow also offers mattress toppers which are essentially made of the same foam used in their pillows. This makes them very comfortable and supportive like their other products but they’re generally cheaper than the mattresses themselves so if you want something affordable then this is a great option too.

Mattress Protectors

MyPillow also offers mattress protectors that are BPA-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free so they can keep your mattresses safe from bed bugs, dead skin cells, dust mites, fluid spills, bacteria, etc.

They’re waterproof which makes them ideal for people who suffer from incontinence since you won’t have to buy another one if this happens to you but they will protect your mattresses against these unsavory elements too.


MyPillow also offers bed sheets that are 100% cotton and will fit any mattress from Twin to Califor nia King size. They offer a wide array of colors as well which is great if you want to match your room’s décor.

Mattress Pads

MyPillow also offers mattress pads as well so if you want a great all-around product for your bed then this is the way to go. They offer these options as exact individual items or in combination with their other products which means that you can get everything you need for your mattress in one stop.


MyPillow also offers bolsters in both firm and extra firm options, depending on your preference. These are great for people who like to sit up when watching tv or reading in bed.

What pillow case do I need?

If you want to purchase a MyPillow pillow case then their Classic Colors Stripes is the one that you should get since it compliments any of their pillows. The classic colors are perfect for any home décor while the stripes add some zing to your bedroom’s ambiance. Plus this case is made from 100% cotton so it’s soft, breathable, and comfortable too.

What makes MyPillow different than regular pillows?

The main difference is that you actually adjust the level of comfort depending on how much filling you put inside each pillow case. All you need to do is unzip it and remove some of the fillings until it feels like your perfect match to give you quality support for the best sleep.

However, if this product does not work out for you then don’t worry because since MyPillow offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, you will be able to return all opened products within this time frame.

Sateen Weave

MyPillow is a special type of weave that features over 54 inches of loft space. This allows MyPillow to reduce pressure on your spine and neck while you sleep, but it also prevents you from overheating during the night.

MyPillow Reviews

Currently, MyPillow has a rating of 2.9 out of five on based on over 100 customer reviews, with 60% giving this product a full 5-star rating and 20% giving it a one-star rating complaining that it made their neck hurt worse than before they used the pillow.

Negative reviews ranged from faulty zippers, claiming they were “snug as a bug in a rug” which makes it difficult to get the filling in and out of the pillow.

People also complained that it is too stiff, neck is aching, making for the worst night sleep; while others complain that they do not feel any difference between this product and their regular pillows.

Also, many people left bad reviews; they mentioned having to add extra fill in order for them to adjust the level of comfort they need, which seems like an additional cost since you would need to purchase more filling when necessary.

However, there were positive reviews as well, most reports praised how supportive MyPillow was; with several users mentioning how great it felt on their necks and shoulders. Many claimed they slept better than before and experienced less neck pain after switching to MyPillow.

The Controversy

In early 2016, MyPillow was involved in a controversial advertising campaign that had many people questioning whether or not their product actually worked or it is a poor product. Many took to social media to complain about the validity of claims made by the company’s CEO Mike Lindell.

“My Pillow is no different than any other pillow”, said one customer in response to Lindell’s claim that you can “make your pillows better” with his product. The complaints also included an accusation of false advertisement due to MyPillow’s tendency towards paid testimonials throughout their advertisements.

It has been reported that many are skeptical of MyPillow because it is advertised through QVC. This is because when products are sold via this channel, the products tested and reviewed are often given to the customer for free. Despite these claims many people have testified they were satisfied by MyPillow after testing it themselves.

The Future of MyPillow

Despite its controversy, MyPillow has been able to make a steady climb through the ranks in the business world over the past 10 years. The 2010s have seen unprecedented growth in sales across America, with 2016 sales estimated at approximately $300 million alone.

Mike Lindell’s company now employs more than 1,500 people who manufacture all types of bedding accessories that are sold through select retail shops as well as online through their official website. One thing is certain-MyPillow is here to stay!

Is MyPillow your business?

MyPillow offers their representatives different business opportunities through their affiliate program. You can earn up to $3,000 per sale from your website or social media account if you join this program. There are 4 different ways of earning money as a MyPillow affiliate:

1. Personal Sales

This is the easiest way to earn commissions since all you need to do is sell one MyPillow personally and you will already start earning money into your account after 60 days.

According to their terms and conditions page, this account will remain active as long as the promotion supplies keep coming in which means that once a customer spends around £40 on a single pillow, you will immediately receive £20 from it.

The advantage of personally selling your product is that customers can ask any questions they have about the product and you can inform them about their return policy.

2. Social Media

MyPillow has a 90-day cookie for all social media users who promote their product online so once someone views or purchases something from your page, you will be getting paid for it after 90 days.

You need to keep in mind that when promoting this product through any kind of social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., each post should include #MyPillowUK in order for it to work. And the maximum commission rate is up to £30 per sale if there are no supplies involved.

3. YouTube

Using videos to promote your products is one of the most effective ways to get more sales although it will be a bit tricky to use since MyPillow’s video pages only have limited information that you can add to your blog or website. You will need to add more information in order for customers to find out more about the product and what it offers.

4. ClickBank

This is one of the most effective selling platforms when it comes to earning money from affiliate sales online. You don’t need a product or service yourself but all you need is an account with ClickBank and a product/service with a high commission rate that you can promote through your blog, website, social media account, etc.

What about the owner/company, should I care?

Mike Lindell, started selling MyPillow USA in October 2004. The company was created after Mike had problems falling asleep with his old pillow and since then he has been dedicated to starting MyPillow USA. What does the owner/company do?

My Pillow is a company that makes pillows that are different than any other kind of pillow on the market today. They have products for all kinds of people so if you’re looking for something specific like if you prefer sleeping on your back or side, basically they offer three products: Side, Stomach and Back Sleeper pillows so you can choose which one provides you with better support. You need to keep in mind that they have a 90-day money-back guarantee which means that if for any reason you’re unhappy with the pillow, you can return it and receive a full refund


One of the biggest challenges people like Mike face with this business is how to expand their production and distribution networks. He also says that “It’s very competitive and you have to be on top of your game” (Latimer, 2017).

Also, they’re currently selling in more than 1,400 retail outlets nationwide as well as internationally so that definitely makes them one of the most successful companies worldwide.


Q. How much does a single pillow cost?

A. A single pillow costs £29 .99 ($41) plus shipping and tax depending on your location. However, if you purchase two pillows or more there is a 20% discount offered by the official website, making each pillow only £24 .99 ($33). There are also discounts given when purchasing 3-5 full-sized pillows (which include standard and king sizes), but these vary depending on your location.

Q. What are the available sizes?

A. The MyPillow comes in different sizes to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes. This includes standard, queen, king, jumbo, travel pillows, body pillow, lumbar support, pet beds, and even wheelchairs! Their products are very versatile especially for those who have specific needs.

Q. Are the pillows made from 100% cotton?

A. No. Although it is advertised as being hypoallergenic, MyPillow is only made out of polyester. If you have trouble with allergies or other sensitivities it might be best to use a different product instead.

Q. Is it machine-washable?

A. Yes! In fact, washing your MyPillow often will help keep it fresh and clean for years to come! Although you should never put your MyPillow in the dryer because this can damage its filling and decrease its lifespan. It is best to air dry or tumble dry on low heat only.

Q. Is MyPillow supportive?

A. Yes! The stuffing inside the pillow is made to support your sore neck while you sleep, which can help prevent neck pains and even migraines. Also, the company claims that sleeping on their product will allow air to flow through it, promoting a more comfortable night’s rest.

Q. What if I received a defective MyPillow?

A. If you receive a damaged or defective product, please contact the company and they will be happy to replace it for free! Just keep your original order number and receipt as proof of purchase so that they can assist you quickly and efficiently.

Q. What are some uses for MyPillow?

A. Some of the ways people use these pillows include back and body support, supporting their neck while reading in bed, stomach sleeping, pet beds, leg support, head support on long flights, lumbar support for office chairs, and even wheelchair cushions! They can be used for a variety of reasons, making them a household item for many.

Q. What is the height of MyPillow?

A. The standard and queen sizes (the only sizes currently available) are about 12″ high. However, there is no specific height listed on their website for the king size. It is safe to assume that it is around the same height or slightly taller.

Q. What are some alternatives to MyPillow?

A. There are many ways to achieve the same kind of support you would get from one of these pillows. All it takes is a little creativity and ingenuity! You can use extra pillows or towels under your regular pillow, place your pillow in the microwave for 1-2 minutes (this also eliminates any leftover odors), put your head on top of several rolled-up blankets, stuff another pillow underneath the existing one, etc.

Q. Is MyPillow worth the money?

A. That depends entirely on what you want out of your product! Although they boast admirable quality, this sleeping aid does come with its share of cons. If you’re looking for something low-cost that will help ease some types of pain then maybe it’s worth it, but if you’re looking for something that will last you several years or even your entire life then this might not be the product for you. Other similar pillows can be purchased for less than what MyPillow sells their products for, making them seem like better alternatives. It is also worth noting that many customers who have tried MyPillow swear by other pillows on the market instead.


MyPillow is a series of products designed and manufactured by the company MyPillow, Ltd. which specializes in bedding accessories such as the best pillows and mattress toppers. All MyPillow products are made from 100% cotton and filled with polypropylene microbeads. These items come in various sizes and styles including Classic FM, Premium, Travel/Camping, Petite (for children), and King size. Additionally, each pillow comes in its own special case that can be unzipped for easy removal or replacement of the filling- depending on your needs! You can easily purchase these great products online through their official website at

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