What is the maximum weight for global shipping?
Introduction to Japan Post (Nihon Yubin)

Also, with Post Office located almost everywhere in Japan, Japan Post is considered the most accessible. The benefit of using a National Post is that it's budget-friendly, comparing to Yamato Transport and Sagawa Express.5 steps when sending packages overseas

  1. Step1. Check whether the item(s) can be sent.
  2. Step2. Choose a mailing method.
  3. Step3. Prepare a shipping label and other documents.
  4. Step4. Put the item(s) into a package.
  5. Step5. Mail the package.

The Japan Post Office, the cheapest international shipping from Japan

  1. Express Mail Service (EMS). Most costly, delivery in 2 to 4 days.
  2. Airmail. Higher-end price, delivery in 3 to 6 days.
  3. Economy Airmail (SAL). Mid-range price, delivery in 6 to 13 days.
  4. Surface Mail. Cheap international shipping by sea.

How much does it cost to send a package in JapanBasic shipping fee

Weight Shipping fee
Within 150g 180 yen
Within 250g 215 yen
Within 500g 310 yen
Within 1kg 360 yen

What is the cheapest way to ship large packages to Japan

USPS is generally the cheapest way to ship large packages to Japan from the US. The carrier's flat-rate service ensures that you pay only for the size of the box and not its weight.Door-to-door Shipping to More than 200 Countries and Regions All Around the World. Send your parcels abroad from japan.

Can I send luggage through Japan post

When sending luggage to an airport, the service is available at post office counters throughout Japan, or at locations handling Yu-Pack parcels such as convenience stores.

International mail days list・Tokyo International Post Office

Area Country/Area name Average number of days
SAL parcels
Oceania New Zealand About 2 weeks
North America Canada About 2 weeks
United States of America About 2 weeks

What is the cheapest way to ship from Japan to us

1. Surface Mail. Surface Mail (otherwise known as Sea Mail), is the cheapest shipping method but is also the slowest; it takes about one to three months for a package to reach its destination. Fees for shipping a package 10 kg (22 lbs) or less will be 4,300 yen to China, 5,300 yen to Thailand, and 6,750 yen to the U.S.Get a quote for free and send your belongings, luggage and bags, thanks to our door-to-door delivery service from Japan to United States. Sending your luggage to United States or shipping a parcel with Eelway will help you being stress free when it comes to international delivery.UK postage rates and prices:

Parcel Weight: Price:
1Kg From £4.25 plus VAT
5Kg From £5.15 plus VAT
10Kg From £6.77 plus VAT

USPS Priority Mail

USPS Priority Mail is the cheapest way to ship a large package. To obtain the lowest rate you must use USPS Priority Mail branded packaging. If you need faster delivery, both UPS Simple Rate and FedEx One Rate give you more choices. The faster the delivery, the more you will pay.

How much does it cost to ship a large box to JapanUSPS offers flat rate box shipping to Japan ranging from $40.55 to $106.55 for delivery within 6 to 10 days.

Can you ship internationally from JapanPrivate shipping firms cover a broader range of shipping enterprises that provide international shipping services. Among the most well-known businesses are Sagawa Express, DHL, FedEx, and Yamato Transport (formerly Kuroneko Yamato International Ta-Q-Bin).

Can I ship things home from Japan

Yes you can. Its cost depends on weight, size of the items in the package(s) and the distance and speed of service you desire to meet your personal requirements to have the packages delivered to the end destination within the time frames you require.

UK postage rates and prices:

Parcel Weight: Price:
1Kg From £4.25 plus VAT
5Kg From £5.15 plus VAT
10Kg From £6.77 plus VAT

If you're looking for a courier to ship your suitcase to an international destination then we'd recommend UPS, FedEx or DHL. Any of these shipping companies will be able to ship your luggage internationally from the US and have specific services for shipping large items.Dimensions allowed for international parcels

Allowed total dimensions (L+H+W) No side longer than
Weight up to 2kg 90 cm 60 cm
Weight over 2kg and up to 20kg 150cm 105cm