How much does it cost to send a parcel weighing 10 kg?
Delivery to a home or work address

Parcel weight ParcelShop or Locker drop off
Parcel weight 5kg to 10kg ParcelShop or Locker drop off Next Day: £7.36 Standard: £6.36
Parcel weight 10kg to 15kg ParcelShop or Locker drop off Next Day: £10.97 Standard: £9.28

UPS Ground® and FedEx Ground are the winners for the cheapest shipping option for a package that weighs 50 pounds. USPS also imposes a 50-pound weight limit for parcels, so anything above 50 pounds should be shipped with FedEx or UPS to avoid any surcharges.Japan Post's International Parcel Delivery is the cheapest international shipping from Japan via surface mail. Japan Post's International Parcel Delivery via SAL (Economy Air) is the second cheapest option. To see comparison charts for your parcel, input your details in Japan Post's online calculator.

How can I send a heavy parcelSending a large parcel is easy with DPD Online. All you need to do is get a quote and enter the size and weight of the parcel you want to send. Make sure to package your parcel safely before sending.

What is the cheapest way to send a parcel

Drop Off and drop your shipping costs

Another smart way to save money and send your parcel the cheapest way is to book online and Drop Off. When the courier does not have the expense of coming to collect from your home or work address, this cost can be removed from the process.Courier Charges Guide

Description KShs
Parcels whose weight is;
1 -7 kgs 250.00
8-10 kgs 300.00
11-15 kgs 350.00

Is UPS or FedEx cheaper for heavy items

Large packages don't create as much strain on the UPS network as they do the other carriers, so UPS charges the best rates for these types of shipments. In fact, UPS specializes in handling large-size packages.

Here are the four variables that you should always consider:

  1. Shipping Point of Origin and Destination.
  2. The Weight of the Package.
  3. Package Dimensions.
  4. Delivery Times for Shipping.
  5. Shipping insurance.
  6. Shipping-related charges.
  7. Parcel handling-related charges.
  8. Duties and taxes.

What is the cheapest way to send parcels from Japan

Surface mail, also known as sea mail is the cheapest shipping option. However, as you probably know, it will take days and weeks to get to its destination, so if you are in no rush at all and want the cheapest option, this service is for you.Basic shipping fee

Weight Shipping fee
Within 150g 180 yen
Within 250g 215 yen
Within 500g 310 yen
Within 1kg 360 yen

The cheapest way to ship large packages will generally be USPS priority mail. USPS offers a large flat rate box that is made for shipping gifts, computers, laptops, etc. There are also board game boxes.

Best/Cheapest Way to Ship Heavy Items

Service Transit Time Estimated Cost
USPS Parcel Select 3-7 working days $90.52
USPS Priority Mail 1-3 days working days $179.52
USPS Priority Mail Express 1-2 days working $309.10
FedEx Ground 5 working days $96.35

What is the cost of shipping a packageFor example, as of 2021, the cost to ship a 1 oz letter via First-Class Mail is $0.55, while the cost to ship a 10 lb package via Priority Mail ranges from $7.35 to $45.95, depending on the distance. The cost to ship a package via Express Mail ranges from $26.50 to $72.50, depending on the weight and destination.

How do I package a small parcelChoose the correct packaging

  1. Use high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes.
  2. Make sure your box has enough surface area free to be labelled.
  3. Use jiffy bags for small items.
  4. Wrap items individually and use void filler like foam peanuts and bubble wrap to keep your items from moving around in transit.

How to calculate shipping fee

A: Consider the following elements to calculate shipping costs:

  1. Origin and destination of shipping.
  2. Package weight.
  3. Package dimensions.
  4. Shipping duration.
  5. Insurance for shipping.
  6. Charges associated with shipping.
  7. Charges related to parcel handling.
  8. Duties and taxes.

Rates are based on the total actual weight or the total dimensional weight of all packages in a shipment, whichever is greater. Dimensional Weight is determined by using the International Air Transport Association (IATA) volumetric standard, which is subject to change without prior notice.For most purposes, the cheapest way to ship a small package such as a box or mailer bag is through USPS. Each carrier has its own guidelines on what is considered a “small package.” The size and weight of your shipment will affect its price, along with its destination and delivery speed.

Weight Price from Delivery time
9 lbs $17.71 2-4 business days
10 lbs $19.89 2-4 business days
11 lbs $22.05 2-4 business days
12 lbs $23.92 2-4 business days