Travel Cot Mattress: The Reliable Way to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

A travel cot mattress is a small-sized mattress designed to fit inside a portable foldable baby bed. It may be used in the home environment, when visiting family or friends with an extra baby bed for their young child, or when traveling away from home with a portable baby cot.

The unique design of the travel cot allows it to be stored inside the frame of a portable baby bed and fills most of its internal area, offering adequate sleeping space for a young child. Travel cots are compact and lightweight, making them easy to transport over relatively short distances.

Technical Details

Travel cot mattresses are usually made from foam with a removable cotton cover which can be easily machine washed at high temperatures and tumble dried.

Standard baby cot mattresses are not suitable for travel cots to minimize weight and bulk as they would take up too much space when stored.


The mattress size dimensions are generally approximately 90 x 45 cm (36 “x18”).

They may have built-in side support so that baby does not roll off during the night.


A travel cot should be firm enough to give a child proper support without being too high or uncomfortable for them to sleep on.

It should also have no protruding parts such as buttons which could become caught on bedding or clothes.

The material should be waterproof so that it does not absorb any liquids, but at the same time, the fabric should allow airflow to prevent the baby from getting too hot.


Travel cot mattresses may be designed with a netted exterior pocket for easy storage and transporting other items such as spare bedding, nappies, and wipes.

Other features may include corner loops to attach toys or other objects to your child’s cot. Famous Brands: Silver Cross, Baby Relax, GB, Tesco

Material Options

Polyester Microfiber cover

Polyester is a fabric that has been made to have high absorbency, durability, and quick dry properties making it an ideal material for baby bedding.

This fabric absorbs moisture quickly so your child will not get sweaty or be uncomfortable while sleeping. It also dries fast, which helps prevent the development of mould or mildew inside the mattress.

Polyurethane filling

The polyurethane used in travel cot mattresses produces air pockets within the foam structure so that tiny trapped pockets are created around their body when they sleep.

These pockets provide enough support without being too firm to give them comfort while having rest comfortably throughout the night.

Cotton Outer Lining Material

Cotton is a natural fibre that is cool to the touch, which allows it to transfer heat away from your baby’s body. This reduces perspiration and consequent clamminess during sleep.

Cotton is also naturally water repellant, meaning that spills cannot penetrate its structure, so it does not need any additional waterproof lining.

High-Density flame retardant filling material

This prevents the mattress from catching fire, even if the outer material is set alight.

100% Cotton air-permeable ticking inner lining material

The cotton is the fully breathable fabric so that air can flow through the material and wick away the baby’s sweat, which will give him a more comfortable, dry night’s sleep.

UK Price

The price can range from £39.99 – £115 depending on the brand and model value.

Pros and cons


  • A travel cot is reasonably priced compared to the standard size baby bed mattress
  • It comes in a small and compact regular rectangular shape, thus easy to store inside the travel cot
  • Fabric outer cover easily machine washable at high temperature
  • Made of suitable quality materials


  • Travel cot mattresses may become worn out after a while, especially for heavy usage.
  • This means you might need to change your travel cot from time to time if it gets damaged or starts leaking foam stuffing material.

The product provides a 1 Year Warranty against faulty artistry and materials.

Purpose of the Mattress

A travel cot provides a safe place for your child to sleep during travels away from home.

  1. It can be used in hotel rooms, a nursery, or other places that do not have an appropriate baby bed as a supplementary mattress. This keeps them comfortable and reduces the risk of rolling off onto a potentially unsuitable surface or getting lost underneath loose bedding.
  2. It also prevents the spread of dirt and dust mites within your baby’s sleeping environment, which may cause allergic reactions, eczema, or other respiratory conditions.

Classic Travel Cot mattress

The Classic Travel Cot has the following features:


The patented harness holds your baby securely in place against the sides of the cot. No more dangerous gaps where babies’ arms and legs can become trapped between sides of the cot! This is particularly important with travel cots, as they often have narrower widths than full-sized cots.


The weight of this mattress is just 320 grams (11 ounces). It will easily fit into your suitcase or bag without taking up too much room, making it perfect for holidays!


Each corner has an easy-grip handle so that the mattress folds quickly and easily.


This mattress is made from high-quality, durable materials that won’t wear out with regular use, making it an ideal choice for any family.


The microfibre material is entirely hypoallergenic and dent-resistant to bacteria build-up. Furthermore, the fabric is machine washable and dryer safe for easy cleaning after a trip away.

Washing instructions

  • Clean the mattress with a clean, damp cloth or sponge
  • Rinse off any soap residue thoroughly and allow it to dry completely. This will prevent mold or mildew from developing inside the material of your mattress.
  • If your child’s mattress does get wet, make sure you hang it up to dry in an area where moisture will not come into contact with other surfaces such as wooden floors or tables.
  • You may want to lay down old towels underneath the surface where you are hanging up your travel cot if you do not wish to moisture coming into contact with other items in the vicinity.

Cleaning products that should never be used:

  1. Do NOT use bleach when washing your baby bedding. Bleach is too harsh for the materials used in baby cot mattresses and may cause them to break down over time.
  2. Do NOT use scented laundry products such as dryer sheets when washing your mattress. They can be very toxic and irritating to young children, especially babies who are less likely to tell you if they get a headache or respiratory problems from harmful chemicals.

Cleaning products that can be used:

  1. Use a clean cloth dipped in warm water with a mild detergent solution – Be careful not to soak the entire mattress and make sure all areas of the surface get sufficiently wet without causing it to become thoroughly soaked
  2. Wipe off any excess soap or dirt particles while ensuring that the fabric is still damp
  3. Hang it out to dry completely in an area where it will not come into contact with moisture – If you are using a washing machine, make sure you use the gentle cycle and fast spin-drying settings if available. This will prevent your mattress from twisting or buckling inside the drum. The water jets should not be set at too high a pressure as they may damage the surface.

Rating Snapshot

Based on three verified customer review Customer Reviews

  1. Comfy, easy to clean, and a great price – 5 stars *****
  2. Good product for the money! – 4 stars ****
  3. Cheap and Cheerful – 5 stars *****

Travel cot mattress safety advice

Manufacturers of all cots gladly advise that the mattress should be less than 6cm (2.4in) deep because gaps can form along the edge of shallower mattresses, particularly if a child moves during sleep, allowing the child to become trapped or wedged against the side of the cot.

Safety experts have called for a re-design of toddler travel beds after research showed they do not comply with safety British standards, and children can get trapped by sides.

A survey of 70-bed rails/travel cots found six were too short, two would not stay up, and one punctured easily when driven over.

All failed European Standard tests on width and gaps between sides where a child could become wedged or trapped.

Empty travel cot mattresses also failed to meet the standard because of gaps along the edge, which could trap a child’s head.

Classic Foam Mattress

A basic mattress may look like a travel cot mattress; however, it is tested to all the same safety standards as your child’s bedroom mattress.

This is because the mattresses come with an integrated no-gap strap that keeps children securely in place, preventing any chance of them rolling between gaps or becoming trapped during sleep. The open cell memory will provide optimal comfort while providing long-lasting support for your child’s growing body.

What season should I choose?


Classic mattresses are available in all four seasons. However, if you’re looking for a mattress that will provide the most comfort during the summer months, you should go for Basic Foam Mattress.

It’s incredibly lightweight and compact, making it perfect for taking with you on your travels during this season. Furthermore, because it is made from open-cell memory, your little one will feel extra cool while sleeping. This makes it an ideal choice for those hotter months!


In winter, you should go for Deluxe Mattress; it’s thicker, heavier, and provides more significant support for your little one. It is also made from a high-quality memory material layer that will provide great comfort during colder months.

If you’re looking for a mattress that can be used all year round, however, choose Memory Foam- this mattress features our unique anti-allergenic and hygienic microfibre cover, which is entirely machine washable, making it perfect for use during any season!


During fall and springtime, you should choose Classic Mattress. It is available in all four seasons, and because of its lightweight, compact design, it’s an ideal choice for traveling with your little one.

Benefits and drawbacks of buying online

There are many benefits when buying your child’s mattress online; it’s much cheaper to buy direct from the manufacturer, and you can also take advantage of massive discounts! The best part is that all our products come with a money-back guarantee; if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, the company will refund the cost of your purchase.

What filters should I use to find the mattress I need?

You will notice there are certain types available at the top of each product page. These allow you to choose which season you’d like your cot mattress for, what size it needs to be, whether you’re looking for a travel cot or single bed mattress.

What size should I choose?

To ensure you choose the correct model size to fit your cot, please measure

  • The width between each side of your travel cot (if purchasing a travel cot mattress)
  • Your child’s height/length (not width!)


All orders to the UK are delivered free of charge and should be with you within 3 – 7 working days.


A 30-day money-back guarantee covers the product. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it within 30 days for a full refund.


Travel cot mattress is an essential part of the travel cot. It should be well-designed and comply with safety standards.

It is important to follow manufacturers’ advice when shopping around for the best travel cot mattresses for your children’s comfort and safety during sleep.

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