High Sleeper Bed With Desk: Sleek and Spacious Bedroom with Desk

If you’re looking for a new bed for your kid, then the first thing to consider is whether or not you’ll need some kind of desk area as well. If so, there are a few key things to think about: how much space do I have in my room, what height am I going for and what’s the best type of desk? Here we look at each factor individually and why it matters – along with some top tips on getting the most out of your space.

Take a look through our best high sleeper beds collection.

Best High Sleeper Beds With Desk UK

1. Pegasus White Wooden High Sleeper Bed With Desk

The Pegasus is a contemporary high bed with clean lines and classic style. It’s crafted from solid pine, has two large storage drawers under the double mattress base (the bottom one features removable ladders for easy access), plus it comes complete with an under-bed light – perfect for creating the illusion of space in any bedroom. For more details, see our full review here.

Features: Pine frame;

Dimensions: H221 x W162 x D200cm

Mattress type: Fibre/sprung slatted base included

Max. mattress thickness: 20cm

Drawer dimensions: H46 x W62 x L100cm

Under-bed light included


  • The two storage drawers are a great feature for creating space.
  • Drawer knobs and under-bed light add to the style of this bed
  • The ladder is accessible through the bottom drawer for added convenience.
  • The top bunk surface is big enough to fit a desk underneath it – if you don’t need to use the storage drawers, this is an option that’s not available with many other loft beds.


  • There are some complaints that the ladder is too short for taller users.
  • The mattress support slats are made from the green board, which is less durable than solid timber – it’s also more likely to warp over time.

2. Aurora White Wooden High Sleeper Bed With Desk – Classic

This is a classic-looking bed with plenty of space, whether you want to use it as a cosy reading corner or somewhere for friends and family to stay. The slatted base offers lightweight mattress support, while the bed’s pine finish looks striking in any room.

Features: Pine frame;

Dimensions: H193 x W122 x D200cm

Mattress type: Fibre/sprung slatted base included

Max. mattress thickness: 20cm

Drawer dimensions: H41 x W62 x L100cm


  • You can choose which storage option you prefer – there are two drawers on either side of the bed (one on each side), plus more under-bed storage space if you don’t want to use these.
  • The pine finish makes this bed really stylish.
  • The slatted base allows airflow, which means you’ll get a more restful night’s sleep – not something many loft beds can offer!
  • The slats are made from solid timber, so they’ll hold up better over time.
  • A sturdy frame means it can support a desk if you want to use the space beneath the top bunk.


  • The ladder is positioned toward the shorter side of the bed – some users prefer this for safety reasons, but others think it could be more convenient if placed on the longer side.
  • Greenboard slats have been reported as being less durable than solid timber.

3. Mont Blanc Grey and White Wooden High Sleeper Bed With Desk

The Mont Blanc is a bright white bed with subtle grey undertones, which means it’ll look great in any room. It features a slatted base for lightweight mattress support and comes complete with integrated ladders on both sides – perfect for getting in or out of the top bunk safely.

Features: Pine frame; Ladder on either side

Dimensions: H193 x W122 x D200cm

Mattress type: Fibre/sprung slatted base included

Max. mattress thickness: 20cm

Drawer dimensions: H41 x W62 x L100cm


  • The slatless design creates an open feel that’s suitable for smaller bedrooms where space is at a premium.
  • If you want to, you can take the ladder off one side to create a larger space for lounging or reading.
  • The bed is crafted from solid pine, which adds a classic touch and makes it look more expensive than some similar models.
  • The slatted base allows airflow, so you’ll get a better night’s sleep.
  • The white finish will brighten up any room, and it’s available in a range of sizes.


  • The Mont Blanc doesn’t come with under-bed storage space
  • DIY options may be limited if you want to create this yourself (you could try using plastic storage boxes or crates).
  • Some customers have reported that the bed is a little wobbly, although it seems secure enough as long as you follow the instructions.

4. Titan White Wooden High Sleeper Bed With Desk

This is a fairly simple but stylish-looking bed, which is available in either white or natural pine finish. The slatted base gives lightweight mattress support and the ladder on each side of the bed makes it safe to climb up or down.

Features: Pine frame;

Dimensions: H193 x W122 x D200cm

Mattress type: Fibre/sprung slatted base included

Max. mattress thickness: 20cm

Drawer dimensions: H41 x W62 x L100cm


  • There’s plenty of space both for lounging or reading, as well as under-bed storage – you’ll have room for books, clothes, and other essentials!
  • The height is adjustable, so you can give your kids a helping hand getting into bed if they need it.
  • Once you lift the top bunk, there’s plenty of space underneath to use as storage (e.g. for toys and games) or as a play area during the day.
  • The double opening window means you can add natural light without compromising on safety – it also makes the room feel much airier and inviting!


  • Some customers have reported that this bed is flimsy when moved so care should be taken when placing items under the top bunk!
  • The ladder doesn’t seem very sturdy, while the mattress support isn’t particularly strong.

5. Higher White Wooden High Sleeper Bed With Desk

If you’re looking for a bed with a contemporary feel, this is a good choice. The diamond-shaped slats add an elegant touch and mean that there’s plenty of space to sit up in bed or read a book if you want.

Features: Pine frame; Ladder on either side

Dimensions: H193 x W122 x D200cm

Mattress type: Fibre/sprung slatted base included

Max. thickness: 20cm

Drawer dimensions: H41 x W62 x L100cm


  • This is easy to assemble and comes complete with all the tools you’ll need – all supplied for free!
  • The white finish will brighten up any room, and it’s available in a range of sizes to suit any bedroom.
  • The unique slat design creates an open feel that’s suitable for smaller bedrooms where space is at a premium.
  • You can take the ladder off one side to create a larger space for lounging or reading, which will be particularly useful if you have two children sharing this bed!


  • Some customers have reported issues with the quality of screws and bolts supplied – some of these parts may become loose over time.
  • The bed doesn’t come with under-bed storage space so if you need somewhere to keep books, games, and clothes there are DIY options available (you could try using plastic storage boxes or crates).

Kids’ loft beds & bunk beds

Loft bed: The perfect kids’ bedroom solution

The loft bed is the perfect kid’s bedroom raised bed- it’s fun, spacious, and practical. It can transform any bedroom into a little man lair, giving your child their own personal space to do whatever they want with. With plenty of room for friends to sleep over, the loft bed makes the ideal spot for sleepovers, TV viewing parties, or just reading in peace!

You can choose from either twin-size or single-size loft beds, depending on your requirements. Kids’ bunk beds are also available in various different sizes and styles so you’ll be sure to find something that meets your needs.

If you don’t have any spare space at home but you want to create an area where your child can relax, read or play games, the loft bed is the answer to your problems. It’s also a great way to save money if you’ve got more than one child – instead of buying two separate beds, you can get them both a loft bed and make use of all available floor space.

What is lifted beds?

Now that you know why lofts are so popular among kids, let’s take a look at the benefits they offer for your little ones’ well-being. Lifting your kid up off the ground when they’re in bed has many physical and mental health benefits, including:

As well as aiding sleep quality, lifting your child up will create an intimate family atmosphere in which everyone can spend some quality time together. Most parents love to lie down and read to their little ones at the end of a long day to wind down together before bedtime.

Cabin beds in different heights

Cabin beds are ideal for younger children, thanks to their low profiles. With some of the loft bed models available on the market today, you can even lift your child up high enough that they can sit comfortably at their desk or use a laptop while lying down.

The selection includes cabin beds in different heights (with desk attached), allowing you to find something that meets all your requirements. They’re also suitable for smaller rooms where space is limited – you get plenty of room underneath which means you don’t have to sacrifice floor space so you can play or study on the ground level!

You’ll get everything you need when buying a loft bed for kids so there won’t be any additional construction work required afterward, and tools will be included free of charge.

Mid sleeper beds with storage

Mid sleepers give you all the space of a bunk bed but without the obstructed view. The mid sleeper can be integrated into almost any modern bedroom design and will provide your child with lots of extra space to relax and unwind. This type of sleeping option is actually called a “European double bed” because it’s preferred in countries like France and Sweden thanks to its high quality and practicality.

You can take out or attach different parts depending on how much free space you have, which means there won’t be any unsightly gaps such as those found with conventional bunk beds.

The staircase (and ladder) creates an airy feel that makes kids want to climb up and read a book or relax watching TV without feeling closed in. And with the option to add a desk underneath, it’s also an ideal space for doing homework or playing games at night.

High sleeper beds with desk

If you want to give your kids the best of both worlds (the comfort of an adult bed and storage space underneath), then take a look at high sleepers. This is a perfect bed for children who need their own personal space but don’t like sleeping on their own.

They also offer plenty of space for extra guests to sleep, making them ideal for sleepovers, reading parties, or TV viewing sessions! Due to the open design, this type of loft bed allows bright natural light in which helps make people feel happier and more relaxed.

Mid sleepers vs high sleepers – What’s the difference?

  1. Mid sleepers are low enough for children to climb into bed without assistance but high enough that you can keep all their stuff underneath the bed so they don’t have to find somewhere else to store things
  2. The advantage of a high sleeper is that they offer additional storage space whereas mid sleepers tend to be narrower and more compact. This makes them ideal if you want extra space in your baby’s bedroom
  3. A high sleeper is ideal for children who like spending lots of time on their own, doing individual activities such as reading, playing games, or watching TV because they give them a quiet space where they can relax without distractions. Another benefit is that there’s no need to leave the house early for school – your child can store their homework under the bed and get it out in the morning when they’re getting ready for school
  4. Mid-sleepers are great if you want to create space for other activities such as playing sports or hanging out with friends because you have somewhere to store all your gear. They also look fabulous in any room so there’s no need to hide them away at night!

Pros of high sleeper bed:

  • Storage space underneath can be used to store toys, books, or other items
  • The large desk area offers enough room for children to relax, read or play games
  • Can accommodate up to two people so it’s ideal if parents want their kids to have company overnight
  • The steps provide additional room underneath which is perfect for enthusiastic readers
  • Will give your kids more space in the bedroom to play or put up their favourite posters

Cons of high sleeper bed:

  • Needs careful installation because it’s so high so you might need professional help
  • If you live in a small flat, loft beds force everyone to share one room rather than having their own private space


The price is dependent mainly on:

  1. Material: timber and fabric are relatively cheap while metal and resin plastic tend to be more expensive. You can also find some fantastic deals online if you buy second-hand
  2. Size: the taller the bed, the easier it will be to store things underneath but this means it will take up more space in your room. Large lofts made from recycled materials such as wood or metal tend to be more expensive than smaller beds which can fit into small spaces properly

There are many different options available according to your budget. For instance, simple bunk beds start at around £160 so you can find one that suits your child’s personality and preferences. If you want something high-end or would like to compare prices, there are loft beds starting from about £1,500 which offer the same features but with additional storage space underneath for books, games, or toys.

Material and construction

There are many different materials used to make high sleeper beds.

The most common choices are:

  • Timber: a traditional option that looks good in any room and is easy to clean. The durability of the material means it will last for many years
  • Metal: a durable alternative that’s also easy to maintain, these beds are suitable for kids who want a more sturdy bed
  • Fabric: not as popular as other options but this provides children with a safe sleeping environment without taking up too much space when it’s not being used. Kids can store clothes or toys underneath when they’re playing or watching TV on the ground floor so there’s no need to hide everything away each day
  • Resin plastic: You’ll get value for money with this type because you can choose from so many different colours which makes them ideal if your child decides one colour must be changed every week!

For children who don’t want to climb anything too high, there are low sleeper beds with a desk underneath which offer all the same features without taking up too much room.

High-level sleepers tend to be either twin size or full size. You can also get king-sized lofts but they tend to be more expensive and suitable for older children or teenagers who want their own space.


High sleeper beds are easy to use but you’ll need professional help if you’re putting one up on your own because of their weight and size. There are always installation manuals included with lofts so make sure you read these carefully before beginning work. This way, everything will fit together properly so there’s no risk of it falling apart while your child is sleeping.

Professional help is also essential when buying one of these beds – many stores offer installation and assembly services so you can be sure it’s safe and secure. Once your child has grown up and moved on to the next stage, you can use loft space for extra storage or buy a mid sleeper bed which will take up less room in the room.

Whether you’re buying them for Christmas or their birthday, high sleeper beds are perfect if you want your children to spend more time studying at home because they’ll have somewhere quiet and comfortable to do this without distractions. What’s more, once they become teenagers they may even invite friends over for sleepovers!

Care and maintenance

High sleeper beds are very durable and long-lasting but they do require care and maintenance because they’re made from wood. Be sure to vacuum regularly, especially in the crevices where dust can collect – this will prolong their life and give you peace of mind when your child has gone sleeping for the night.

Your children will need assistance using them at first because they’re much higher than a regular single bed or double bed so just make sure they know about any safety features such as handrails and guard rails before letting them climb into bed.

It’s also a good idea to warn them not to stand up on the mattress! This stretches it out over time and could cause damage that would be costly to repair.

Credit broker solution

High sleeper beds are available online or at specialty stores. You can buy one with credit as well. Some credit brokers offer mattress-only high sleeper beds with no additional furniture or storage options. It is a good idea to compare prices and features of high sleeper beds before making a decision so you can find the best option for your child’s needs. This way you will pay monthly for your new bed. You will choose the bed and wait happily for the delivery date.


In conclusion, high sleeper beds are a great way to turn your child’s bedroom into a practical and fun place for them to relax, study or play with friends.

They don’t take up too much room but they give the impression that someone important is sleeping there!

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