What Are The Best Record Players On The Market?

It is said that the bulky record player is difficult to preserve.  However, once enjoying the music from the new generation of record player below, you will understand why this device can be able to exist for a long time like that. Let take the notice of record player for sale for comfortably living with music.

Admittedly, things that sound of vinyl records are still outstanding. Is there any other format gives you the accuracy of timbre, the warmth of the vocals and the bass rounded as analog audio or not? And you can find anywhere a stylish CD player just “rough” charm just like the early LPs?

Michel Techno Dec Record Player

Techno Dec Michel is the newly launched product. Michel used to produce the record player‘s head Gyro Dec SE, a reputation model achieving the high rankings and many election from the users. There is nothing difficult for the Techno Dec installation. It is said that with basic instructions, when setting the disc, you just simply care about the type spirit level and adjust the tripod to balance real disk platter. To lower costs, Michel does not install the suspension system to reduce the vibrating motor used in Techno Dec but in Techno Dec is exactly like the elder Gyro Dec SE.

Michel equips the Techno Dec RB250 engine which is over 800 dollars. The company even provides advanced type mechanical hand but it will cost more than $ 2,000, nearly twice the original price and this price is not including cartridge. Techno Dec use Gold ring 1042 cartridge with a special needle that price is only 225 USD. This is a worthy partner of Techno Dec. Techno Dec sound of music that shows all properties, full of detail and broad frequency range, the CD player 3 times more expensive does not necessarily match, especially when listening to “Never Mind” or “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana . However, if you turned up the volume, the music seems more confusing, this is the first weakness of this disc.


Full of musical expression, detailed and easy alignment


  • Bass slightly lighter
  • Notable

Origin Live Aurora

Aurora really owns the extraordinary designs. Trays of Aurora stout disk is supported by the disk trays with the stately beauty and efficiency overall vibration which player brings significant truth. Prices of Aurora including Rega a hand of many types of engines to be ready for customers but it seems to cost more money.

You will have moments of euphoria when listening to Ella Fitzgerald’s voice and Louis Armstrong in the album “April in Paris”. Aurora for vocals is stocky and comprehensive in the real detail. This is all what a reader needs LPs. More than just a CD player or SACD multi-channel, the record player head sites provide a rustic at the highest level. Stocky bass in “Cannot We Be Friends beige”, warm midrange and treble are very slim without light. When switched to Nirvana songs in the higher frequencies, this record player’s head still offer the smooth sound without any glare at.


Luxurious style, realistic sound


Guidelines are too complex, difficult calibration

SL1210 MK5G Record Player

This form was launched on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the birth of SL1210 MK2 – a turntable for DJs – with manufacturing quality is very uncertain. Align MK5G is designed quite easily, even beginners can do it. Machine is mounted removable cartridge. MK5G is sold at a price including cartridge Oroton Concorde DJ. The adjustment is carried out through the gear motor and speed change button 33 E / 45.SL1210 MK5G not use damper suspension instead is the rubber feet on the bottom of the machine supports.

Compared to the previous heavy Technics life, this time, the SL1210 MK5G is surrounded with more features. Technics MK5G is equipped with the blue LED, the ability to adjust the rotation speed (pitch) wider (16%) and a reset button to reset the standard speed. However, SA1210 MK5G for music is not very impressive. The depth of vocal Louis Armstrong is almost being sucked away and Ella Fitzgerald is too. Therefore, this Technics product only price advantage compared to the other competitors only. However, it must be said that this turntable is not so bad. If you compared the sound of the CD player at the same price, it’s still worth it. However, if you want to enjoy sophisticated sound, music filled the authenticity of LPs, think about three turntables above.


Super simple calibration, design certainly


  • Inferior turntable and compare
  • Notable
  • Unable to keep up the appearance audio products for the said currencies