Review The Most Qualified Dog Clipper On The Product

It is said that nowadays, caring the pet, especially dog is becoming more and more convenient due to the fact that the manufacturers have made full use of advanced technology in order to launch into the market the smartest product, particularly the dog clipper. This article will cover the detailed information for supporting you to choose the Best Dog Clippers.

Review The Information About The Codos Dog Clipper Brand

Codos are trademarks which specialize in the hair clippers in Korean with a wide range of products. Codos products are leading in the number of consumers with the good design, diversity as well as the high quality. It is said that there are some certain criteria that make the Codos always be the number one choice around the world. The products Codos trimmer always gives users peace of mind by the safety features

The KP 3000 Dog Clipper

+ Target users: dogs, cats

+ Model: KP-3000

+ Color: White

+ Adapter: Input AC220V / 50Hz Output: DC 2.4V / 800mA\Battery: 1.2V 600mAh Ni-Mh x 2

+ Charging time: 3 hours

+ Usage time: 50 minutes

Digital Information About The Product

+ Good quality with the stainless steel fixed blade and moving blade

+ Ceramics material of the blade can be able to provide excellent cutting performance, after a long time.

+ Use can still keep the sharpness of the blade.

+ Less noise from the engine, which can help the users to prevent pets from fear during the process of cutting? In addition, the machine is also designed with the LEDs which can be capable of indicating the duration of use. It is said that using the push buttons make the users for the easy operation. In addition, it can be said that the detachable blade easy and convenient to wash

Product code CP160May is considered as the professional hair clipper for pets. Products are designed and manufactured in accordance with Korean technology which is mainly to bring the highest safety and quality for the users. In order to caring your easily, owning a professional dog cat hair dryer is needed. Therefore, Codos has introduced extremely convenient product which can provide the full belief as well as a long time of using worldwide based on the most reasonable price that you can currently buy. The dedicated hair clipper seems to be the indispensable tool for the family dog whose fur is long, thick and long dry. The machine has the ability to neatly cut pet fur with the faster drying times for the purpose of bringing the most considerable beauty to your pet.

Cp160 dog clipper is imported from Japan. The machine owns the motors 2 x lives compared to other conventional dryers which is designed with aluminum alloy shell surface color oxidation resistant, aesthetic and functional version. The product is also able to control function of the strength of the wind blowing, temperature control. One of the most outstanding features of the product is its low vibration and minimal noise compared to conventional hair dryers.

The Digital Information About The Machine

+ Model: CP-160

+ Capacity: 1600W

+ Color: Purple

+ Use AAA or rechargeable PIN to save even more. This machine does not take so much battery consumption when using. The two full charged batteries can be used to cut hair for 1-2 pets. The product can operate well with the two AAA batteries with the noise in the range of <50 db (in Air)

+ Package Size: 39cm x 17.6cm x 25.5cm

+ Weight: 3.5kg

The Outstanding Features Of The Machine

The machine is designed with the special speed controlling function and the capacity to control the drying temperature. Its heating temperature is below ≤50 ℃ (low temperature), and the high temperature is ≤70 ℃. Due to the fact that the machine is designed with the compact design so it can be able without causing too much the vibration as well. Moreover, the machine is installed with the covering layer which is made of shiny and luxury aluminum box. In addition, it can be capable of shielding with the anti-electromagnetic radiation.

Based on this source of knowledge, we are sure that the consumers can gain much more experience in choosing the dog caring accessories.