Important Things About CPAP Ventilator We Need To Know

Hi guys, this is an article about bettering the breathing system for patients. Our health is said to be the most important thing we must care for until our life ends. If we have good health, our life is good. By contrast, if the health is degraded, we will not be able to do anything. In terms of the patients who have diseases related to breathing, they really need to be equipped with the Best CPAP Machines which help them breath safely.

We often see this machine in the hospital. Nowadays, we can learn about it and have it at home to use whenever necessary. In this article, we will bring you more details about this machine and have some introduction for those who do not know what this machine is.

Introduction About The CPAP Machine

The CPAP is the abbreviation of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure which indicates the machine providing positive airway for the patients. This is a very useful machine as a therapy for the patients who often get stuck in their respiratory system when they are sleeping.

When the breathe stops, it can cause a lot of problems to people so they need to use the CPAP machine to overcome such danger. The machine supplies the continuous positive airway flow, creating an air path so that the breathing line is not narrow. The patient will find it easier to breath and will feel more comfortable. This machine is for:

  • Those who have sleep apnea syndrome
  • Children who have imperfect respiratory system with the syndrome of respiratory distress, bronchopulmonary or hypoplastic

Overall Anatomy Of A CPAP Machine

Learning about the CPAP machine is quite complex on the grounds that this is not a common machine in the market. This is special machine used in hospital. If you want to buy it, you have to know what parts it consists of. Here are some main parts of this machine.

Nasal Face/ Mouth Mask

The nasal mask is used to narrow the space on our face so that the air cannot come in the nose. There are many types of nasal mask for the CPAP machine. The most common one is the nasal mouth mask which is put right on the nose of patients.

It also has different sizes, for different users. There is a unique forehead frame in order to create comfort for the users when they have to wear this nasal mask. The elbow can have 360o degree in order to position and reposition the tube of the mask so that the comfort can be maximized.

The mask has a lot of vent hole in order to diffuse the air to the nose of the patients. The air comes and goes quietly, which is very convenient and not irritating for those who lie next to the patient.

The dual – wall cushion around the mask helps to remove all the irritation when the users have to wear this mask. This cushion will stick to the space around the nose. If it is too hard, it will cause pain here. However, with the dual – wall cushion, it is soft and comfortable.

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CPAP Air Hose

The CPAP air hose helps to lead the water stream to the patients’ noses so that it can stimulate breathing. The air hose is not too long but it can be elastic and we can pull it longer if necessary.

Controlling System

The most important part is the controlling system or control housing. Here, there is a menu system and board easy for the user to adjust and choose the suitable mode. The home screen of the CPAP machine housing can be locked and unlocked. It can be touched and controlled simply.

There is a part called air filter which helps to ensure that the air supplied for the patients will be filtered to be cleaned all the time.

Bottom Line

The CPAP ventilator is an indispensable machine in every hospital and now it is quite popular for family using in emergent cases. I think that the information in this article is enough for anyone to understand more deeply about this machine. If you have any question related to the CPAP machine or health improvement, don’t hesitate to let us know.